langkawi-tourAnyone in love with nature should visit Langkawi. Langkawi is an amazing and breathtaking tourist spot. There are many islands near and around Langkawi and the scenic view of this place is awesome. There are classy resorts and restaurants present in Langkawi where people can stay and have some fun in this place. Langkawi has many sea beaches and is a perfect place for beach lovers. People can just sit and enjoy the sunset in the beaches. Many travel agencies provide with travel Packages to Langkawi. Some packages may be expensive while some are not so. People can choose package according to their budget and the time when they would love to visit the place. One cannot get enough of this place. Though it is a small island, but it has a lot of Travel Packages to Langkawi for its visitors.

• Some things that can be experienced when in Langkawi: Visitors won't get bored when in Langkawi. There are separate tourist spots for children and also for adults. People can go for a nature walk in the parks present here. Also, bird watching, taking a ride in the countryside or just going to the rain forest is some of the things that visitors can experience in Langkawi. Children can try out Scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. in the beaches. Everyone can have great fun.

• Shop and dine in Langkawi: It is also the one stop for shopping freaks. They can get anything they want at discounted rates. Malaysian handicrafts are famous here and they can get traditional things in Langkawi. Some shopping markets are Kuah Town Night market, KV Tobacco Enterprises, etc. Also, reasonable dining outlets are present in Langkawi and people can enjoy good dinner within their budget.

People can visit Langkawi by buses, cars or ferries and book ticket from easybook. They can choose their own medium of transport and have a good time in Langkawi with friends and family.

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longhaulMalaysia is a popular destination for the tourist mainly from the European countries and it is a long haul destination for all. The trip can be quite fun filled and you may have made great experiences with the travelling at this place. And if you are planning your next holiday destination as in Malaysia then it must be known to you that the language spoken mainly there is Bahasa Melayu but there are common people available who are quite well conversing in English and Chinese. The most important part of your travelling is the right communication among the locals as it would help you to get the right advantages in the right places.

The best way of travelling throughout the Malaysia Island

Now coming to the point of travelling from one place to another, holiday time is only for fun and luxurious days. It does not include time schedule or the crowded bus. Rather it is the time, when you can leisurely sit back and decide to visit any place at any time of the day. And for that Singapore car rental is the right service that you must avail. And the service providers are available in the city of Kuala Lumpur or commonly known as KL. And there are many attractions in and around the city of KL not neglecting the significance of the patrons of twin towers. It is not like that the transport system > Wiki explained is a big issue but the rentals will offer you more freedom and luxury while enjoying the ride with your family and friends.

Different places which should not be missed out in your trip itinerary


Now it may be suggested to you some places which you must not miss out as to make your holiday most memorable one. The mountain of the Mount Kinabalu is the icon of the Malaysia and it makes your trip to the place most adventurous. Many tourist are quite encourages to trek the mountain where you will get a fresh view of different kinds of flora and fauna of the nature. Next go deep under the water in the Perhentian Island and come across the underwater life and it will really make you speechless. Next try over to Batu Caves. But for these you have to be trained by a professional diving trainer who will help you to know the technique.

Malaysia is a land where you will find the technology and advancement of the times at its high peak. But are interested in knowing about the previous version of Malaysia? Then visit the Borneo land and the tribal place which is the main originating condition of the land. And adding some more serious things to your adventurous trip visit the bat full of caves that is caves of Sarawak. This will really make you feel creepy but can let you see of some of the spectacular things insides the cave life.

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It’s been a long time since I took a break from my work for leisure and recreational activities. My colleagues in London always advise me to vacation at Pangkor Island in Perak, Malaysia. It was quite weird in the beginning as I never heard of Pangkor or Perak. Though, I knew about Malaysia but never thought about visiting the country for vacation.

For last several years, I generally vacation in Europe mainly in Italy and France. Moreover, it is often quite expensive to stay in some of the best hotels over there. The restaurants and bars charges hefty taxes on drinks and meals. So, for the first time in my life, I decided to travel South East Asia. It was quite incredulous as I didn’t share my plans with my colleagues until I was certain about myself.

crabI checked online about Pangkor Island in Perak. The charges for food and travel expenses were quite modest as compared to vacationing in Europe. At the end of the week, I made up my mind and declared my travel plans to my colleagues. They were ecstatic to hear about my audacious plans to travel all alone in Malaysia. I felt quite relief with their generous support as it boosted my morale and confidence.

Upon returning home from work, I booked my plane tickets online. I was quite amazed as there were numerous planes connecting Europe with hundreds of destinations in Malaysia. My air ticket was booked for two way travel as it saved money and helped me to plan my trip way ahead of time.

airportFortunately, my colleagues came by to drop me off at the airport. The airport was crowded as usual. My checked in luggage was quite bulky. I reached Kuala Lumpur on time as the plane was ahead of its schedule. Moreover, I was quite amazed to see such a beautiful city as there were hundreds of tourists in the airport. Most of them came from European countries. I spoke with few of them and it was quite a relief to see my own countrymen in foreign land.

After waiting at the airport for few hours, I took another connecting flight to Pangkor Airport from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport through Berjaya Air. The plane was quite neat and clean and the crew was friendly. The passengers inside the aircraft were mostly vacationers. My co passenger was a Norwegian. We spoke about politics, sports & eventually about Pangkor Island. He advised me to visit the beaches in Coral Bay, Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah etc. Moreover, he also recommended me to rent a motorbike to tour around the island. I felt quite happy upon hearing such incredible stories about Pangkor Island from my Norwegian friend. I asked him to join me at Pangkor Island and he gladly accepted my invitation.

Pangkor Island really mesmerized me. It is situated in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Both of us checked into Pangkor Bay View Resort. The room charges were quite nominal. Surprisingly, my room had wifi connectivity. It enabled me to speak with my family members and colleagues. My family was happy about my well being. I quickly readied myself and headed towards Village Sea Food Restaurant. The restaurant serves dishes with spices and veggies. I opted for spiced chicken with rice. It was quite amazing to eat such a hearty meal.

After eating our meals, both of us went for Coral Bay. It is said that Coral Bay is one of the best beaches in Pangkor Island with emerald green water. I saw hundreds of tourists relaxing in the beach and enjoying the amazing sunset. We clicked some pictures of coral bay and headed towards motorbike renting. The renting charges were around RM 30. I opted for a sports bike and drove it all around the island at full speed. My Norwegian friend was way back while I enjoyed the sunset by driving the bike from one point to another. I saw several fishermen and villages with kids playing around. The tour proved to be such a relief for me as I enjoyed my whole trip immensely.

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Remember the last post I shared about the WorldlyCouple they talked about the Batu Caves of Malaysia right? This time allow me, Mr. Albino to share with you my story on Batu Caves... my experienced.. and all mine! lol...


Batu Caves is situated at Gombak District in northern Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I went to Batu Caves with my parents this week. My father was transferred recently from Norway to Kuala Lumpur as an executive for a financial company. It was a big decision for our family as we never set foot outside Norway. Since the pay was great, so we decided to settle in a great neighborhood at Kuala Lumpur.

We booked our flight with bulk load of luggage in one of the major airlines. I was quite tense as I was worried about my schooling. But, eventually, upon arriving at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, I noticed that it is a great city like Oslo in Norway. We lived in a massive apartment with all sorts of modern facilities and amenities. My parents took me to Batu Caves by renting a car in Kuala Lumpur, honestly this is a planned trip because we have book car rental in Kuala Lumpur from online.  Car renting is quite common in Kuala Lumpur. We opted for a SUV without chauffeur as my father prefers to drive car on his own. The charges for renting a car in Kuala Lumpure are quite nominal and we were glad with its exceptional service.

We arrived at Batu Caves on time as we took MRR2 main highway in Batu Caves area. The caves were really magnificent as it mesmerized me with its exterior look. Upon reaching its entrance, we took several photographs with the caves in the background. The standing statue of Lord Murugan was phenomenal. Below this picture is Lord Muragan. Huge right?


It is said that the height of the statue is 42.7 meters as it is the world’s tallest statue constructed with concrete, steel bars and gold paints.

As an animal lover, I enjoyed quite a lot seeing cynomolgus monkeys at the entrance of the temple. I fed them with some snacks and they seem to enjoy it quite a lot. The interior of the caves is exotic as it has several Hindu statues and paintings. The entrance of the temple is quite steep as one has to climb 272 steps prior setting foot inside the temple.

The most interesting feature of the temple is the Ramayana Cave which boosts a statue of Lord Hanuman – a devotee of lord Rama. The statue is around 15 meters tall. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama as there are several paintings on the wall of the caves showing the victory of Lord Rama with the aid Lord Hanuman over evils. The cave is quite dark inside but it has substantial lightening facility which makes the statues and paintings more memorable.

The entrance shrine of the Batu Caves is magnificent. It is painted with gold and displays god and goddess. I later leant that the Batu Caves and its shrines symbolizes the victory of Lord Murugan over the demon Soorapadam. Though, I never heard of Soorapadam but it was truly a delight to tour such magnificent caves. My parents were also ecstatic at the same time. I intended to explore the flora and fauna surrounding the Batu Caves.

The lush greenery all around tempted me to explore its surrounding. I also came to know about rock climbing adventure trips around Batu Caves.

They generally start from Damai caves. Though, I never tried rock climbing in my life but I was enthralled to see others. My parents click photographs of the climbers as it was nearly vertical climb and it seemed really incredible. I asked my parents’ permission to try it once but they denied saying that it was too risky. But, they promised me that I could enroll for a beginners rock climbing class later. Overall, the astounding beauty of Batu Caves really mesmerized me.

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Seems like very weird right? This is the first post I am going to talk about "why you should bookmark my blog". By this topic itself, whatever in my blog sharing.. it's going to blow your socks off! Whenever I'm free... I would like to check out a lot of travel blogs, space, articles, news especially in asian countries. As an European, I was shocked to discover there are lots of people like to travel to Asian countries especially China. ... can anyone tell me why? I know what you are thinking, but not that one please guy!... lol

Ok by the way, because I'm good at playing volleyball... I've chance to compete in International level and get sponsored to visit other countries.. for competition purpose. So it was fun and "get a free trip" as well. There are few countries I love to visit like Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and much more.. hope the GOD can extend my life to age

Do you know where is this picture taken?


How about this one? Don't tell me there are trees...


These are actually TEA LEAF!

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